Grafit Studio

Bizzard Publishing

More than 200 projects, including layouts, logos, branding, websites, social media, calendars, posters and advertisements. Grafit was responsible mainly for all appearance of this firm.
I have worked for this Belgian publisher for the last 10 years. The publisher’s main profile are the printed magazines, but it also operates a portal site where it mainly reports on news from the cycling world. The owner also ran a women cycling team in a certain period. The bulk of my work was designing, layouting, and prepressing the pages while also running the website.


Bizzard bvba printed magazines


Bizzard bvba


October, 2011 – June, 2021.


Balázs Simonffy


Balázs Simonffy, Tamás Molnár


Balázs Simonffy, Tamás Molnár